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Are you ready to make money From the U.S. Real Estate Crash?

This is an in-depth real estate cash-flow lunch or dinner seminar designed to answer such questions as:

  • How people in the area are using the No. 1 U.S. mandated interest rates of 16 to 32%.
  • How to achieve rental returns of 12% and better.
  • What are the strategies to profit from today's U.S. housing crisis?
  • How to build real estate cash-flow profits just like the professional investors!
  • How can I find and profit from U.S. real estate tax liens and deeds?
  • How do I generate real cash-flow from the comfort of my own home?

Well this is your chance! We've arranged for you and your guest to attend FREE of charge. We promise this will be an eye opening event and an incredible learning opportunity.

See ways to profit from real estate available to only the select few.

Hurry! First 15 people will win a free iPad Mini Tablet Free gifts for attending include: books, CDs, and a digital camera

Find Properties in The U.S. before they're made available to the general public

Some example houses that have been bought cheap, flipped and sold at a higher value. These are sample housing examples only

About Doug Clark

Doug Clark, Flip Men host and Spike TV star

Full-time real estate investor, contractor, television host, writer and educator

Doug Clark, widely recognized as the star of Spikes TV's hit reality show "Flip Men" is the keynote speaker at this entertaining and informative one-day event. Come hear the facts, not the myths and unfounded theory. This is a forum designed to show you strategies which work. We guarantee it will be time well spent.

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* As part of the "Monthly Celebration," 15 iPad Minis are given away randomly to selected registrants who call and register for an event, one per household. iPad Mini style and color may vary. Complete terms and conditions can be found at

** Digital camera and educational discs are free gifts to all households who attend the event. One per household. Actual digital camera may vary in color and appearance.

† Sample properties only. Properties shown here were purchased by Property Direct, an affiliate of Your Real Estate Today. Customers of Your Real Estate Today did not purchase these properties at these prices. The properties shown here represent some of the biggest bargains we have been able to find, and the prices shown are not typical of what you would have to pay to purchase similar properties.

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